Involve Children With Helping Animals

Kids love animals. Some of them will grow up to become veterinarians, veterinary technicians, adopters, fosters and volunteers.

There is no shortage of ways for them to help out a local shelter or rescue organization, and at the same time learn responsibility, charity and kindness while feeling the love in return.

Here are some ways for kids to help our furry friends:

Help your child organize a neighborhood collection drive for a local animal shelter or rescue like our Whiskers & Tails Foundation. They can find out what's on the shelter's "wish list" and hand out flyers asking for donations.

Suggest that your child get permission from a teacher or school official to organize a classroom, grade or school-wide collection drive for a local shelter or rescue. They can decorate a big box and place it in the cafeteria or classroom for faculty and students to drop off donations.

Suggest that your child write a report or do an oral presentation for the classroom on a local shelter. Visit the shelter with them and take pictures of the animals that are awaiting new homes.

See if your child would like to start an animal club with other students who are interested in helping homeless pets. They can hang up pictures of animals waiting to be adopted and each club member can sponsor one of the pets. They can also engage in fundraising projects such as designing and selling bookmarks with humane messages. You never know how big the club will grow.

Zack Foltz

This is Zack Foltz. On one Sunday, he chose to come to adoptions and donate almost all of his holiday money to help the dogs!! He is so awesome ! Thank you, Zack!!! We love to see you become a veterinarian when you grow up!